Photo Credit: Zachary Fineberg

Photo Credit: Zachary Fineberg

Julie Gieseke

The hilarious, profound, and curious Julie Gieseke was a writer that didn’t write until eight years ago . . . She took a solo performance workshop to get over her fear of being in front of groups, partly inspired by her job as a Visual Co-Creator (  Julie not only got over her fear, but discovered she actually loved performing her own writing.

Since 2011 Julie has written and performed 16 solo shows to audiences in San Francisco, Austin, TX, Washington DC, and Toronto, gaining an avid and loyal following for her no-holds-barred, courageous authenticity.

Julie may or may not be motivated by the romantic hope that by divulging her flawed and failed dating strategies as a single lesbian in or near the lesbian capital of the world, it could result in some dates. It hasn’t yet. But she’s not giving up.


Julie is a rare talent. Her show, Borderline A**hole, is funny, brilliant and an inquiry into her own shadow in service to the audience. Solo performance is definitely this gifted woman’s natural art form. She owns it with an original and dynamic perspective. Her humility and willingness to expose and question her own weaknesses, makes her anything but a borderline asshole. I had the privilege of supporting her on the early versions of the show. It was pure joy! Go Julie, go!!
— Tanya Taylor Rubenstein - Founder of Global School of Story
Julie’s story about a relationship gone amiss is funny, moving, surprising, smart and educational. While working on the script with her, I laughed, I cried and I learned a great deal not only about Julie but also about myself. On a daily basis, I practice some of the techniques she embeds in her delightfully entertaining narrative. Her deeply personal story reveals universal elements and has a lasting impact in all the best ways.
— Nina Wise - Author, Performer and Founder of Motion Theater
I am so excited for Julie Gieseke’s solo show. Julie is hilarious, uber intelligent and this show should not be missed.
— Ann Randolph - Writer, Performer, Speaker