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Julie Gieseke

Julie Gieseke is a performance artist and writer from San Francisco. Her autobiographical work, notable for being both moving and funny, has been performed internationally. She has been featured at Frigid New York Festival, International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, San Francisco Solo Performance Festival,, Vancouver Fringe Festival,  Cincinnati Fringe Festival, and the Toronto Soulo Festival.

Julie studied solo performance  with Martha Rynberg, Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Ann Randolph and Tracey Erin Smith and is working in collaboration with Nina Wise on her current shows.

Julie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and Film and Video Production from UC Santa Cruz. Julie  went on to earn a Masters in Organizational Management and Development from Fielding Graduate University. In addition to working as a performer, Julie coaches and consults individuals and corporations in storytelling, creativity, and strategic visioning. Her clients include: Facebook, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Apple, Stanford, the University of California, and Cal State University.

Julie has an avid and loyal following for her no-holds-barred, hilarious, courageous authenticity.

As a performer, Gieseke is extremely enigmatic, particularly when finding humor in her own self-deprecation. With a writer’s eye she finds the right details to focus on to develop characters and elicit laughter. Because Gieseke is more a storyteller than veteran of the theater world, there is an immense genuineness at the heart of Borderline A**hole. Gieseke bares her true self and emotions, rather than letting them become eclipsed by the bravado and showmanship found in some solo pieces. Her warmth and sincerity give you the sense that you are being told a story by a close friend, rather than by a stranger in a darkened theater.

With a bare bones set Gieseke sucks us into her immensely compelling narrative, enabling us to experience her emotional ups and downs. If you see only one show in this year’s Frigid Festival, Borderline A**hole is a great choice, one that is sure to make you laugh as you contemplate your own failed relationships and past losses. I hope to see Gieseke on stage again, whether with this story or something new.
— Adrienne Urbanski - Theatre is Easy review for FRIGID New York Festival 2019
Julie Gieseke is a fabulous performance artist. She emanates a charisma that charms and possesses a biting intelligence ... elements one wants from watching live theater.
— Nina Wise — Author, Performer and Founder of Motion Theater
Julie is a rare talent. Her show, Borderline A**hole, is funny, brilliant and an inquiry into her own shadow in service to the audience. Solo performance is definitely this gifted woman’s natural art form. She owns it with an original and dynamic perspective. Her humility and willingness to expose and question her own weaknesses, makes her anything but a borderline asshole. I had the privilege of supporting her on the early versions of the show. It was pure joy! Go Julie, go!!
— Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Founder of Global School of Story
I am so excited for Julie Gieseke’s solo show. Julie is hilarious, uber intelligent and this show should not be missed.
— Ann Randolph - Writer, Performer, Speaker